Special sessions


1. "Applications of bioinspired optimization methods to civil engineering problems", by Prof Y. Cengiz Toklu (Okan University, Turkey), email: cengiztoklu@gmail.com

2. "Parallel computing and surrogate models in multiobjective optimization",by Prof Bogdan Filipic (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia), Thomas Bartz-Beielstein (TH Koln, Germany), email: bogdan.filipic@ijs.sithomas.bartz-beielstein@th-koeln.de

3. "Control parameters adaptation", by Dr. Gregor Papa (IJS, Slovenia), Dr. Janez Brest (University of Maribor, Slovenia), email: gregor.papa@ijs.si

4. "Optimization under uncertainty", by Prof. Massimiliano Vasile (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK), email: massimiliano.vasile@strath.ac.uk

5. "Optimization in the presence of mixed continuous and discrete variables", by Dr. Mathieu Balesdent (ONERA, France), Dr. Loic Brevault (ONERA, France)  email: mathieu.balesdent@onera.frloic.brevault@onera.fr 

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